I would like to know what to do if I am in a Next.js setup and I get a 404 page and cannot edit

I am very interested in the features of Builder.io. I have experience with Next.js, so I followed the instructions in the integration page of the Mext.js App ruter and set up the Model, Content, and API. I followed the instructions for the Model, Content, and API, but I get a 404This page could not be found.
I can access the page with the API as far as I can see in the VScode terminal. I think that the data from the Builder may not be received for some reason.
Also, when using the Builder in the browser, the CPU usage is very high and sometimes it runs very slowly.

I would like to build a site using Builder. I would like to get some simple advice on how to solve this problem. I would like your help.

I have tried to work with the following page, but it did not work.

(I am a Japanese university student and this text is translated using DeepL. Maybe there is a flaw in the expression.)

Hi @neko222,

Welcome to the builder.io forum.

We recommend you check out our simple Next JS builder example to start with

Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try.