Landing page 404

Dear community :wave:t3: ,

I just started off with builderio and been trying to figure out why my landing page doesn’t work.

  • It outputs a 404
  • no fetch error
  • content with “page” with “/” as path published
  • other “page” content work

i used “automatic integration” to start off.

appreciate any hints :pray:t3:

Hello @valmal,

Welcome to the forum.

Could you give us more context on your tech stack and share screenshots of the project directory structure?

Of course!
directory structure:

using latest nextjs deployed on vercel:

Hello @valmal,

I see you don’t have an index route, such as pages/index.tsx , therefore, use pages/[[]] with two sets of square brackets instead of [].tsx. The two square brackets means that Builder handles the app’s home page.

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Thank you so much :sob: :sob: