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Builder is duplicating content on supposed different entries/drop zones


I have my “Components” model, with entries for certain items. I’m trying to have some areas of my app to have its content served from those entries but I’m getting duplicated content, even though I’m fetching model specific information. Whats the right way to accomplish what Im trying to do?

I know I could set up different models for each component but this could get messy in the long run because this CMS project on my company was born as a way to marketing folk to quickly edit in a easy way.

Thanks in advance.

@christopher_dev I think that should work as written…the only thing I noticed is there is no model="component" on the <BuilderComponent content={builderDropdown} /> , though I am honestly not sure if that would necessarily fix the issue. If you could share your apiKey, a link to your content page, or a Fiddle of the page in question it would help me dig a bit more.

Please feel free to post here or you can DM me here in forum and I can take a deeper look!