How to have different content for multiple BuilderComponents with the same Model in the same page

How do I map different content from different entries of the same Section Model without having to create different models for every area?

I have this on my code:

And I’m trying to map the data from these entries (which I’m requesting successfully)

But they are appearing duplicated.

Hi @christopher_dev, your approach looks correct. Is that a single entry that is appearing duplicated in the screenshot? I’m not sure why that would be happening. Can you share your public api key for that space so I can look at the content try to reproduce myself? Thanks!

Ummm its on my localhost, not sure if it would work, I can record a video and send it privately explaining myself further if you like.

Hey @christopher_dev feel free to DM me. If you could share more of your code where you fetch the Builder content too that would be great. Thanks!