Builder not using site's global CSS for links


On any page or section made with Builder, our site link color are black, so you can’t even see that they are there. However, links made with our theme on Shopify show up blue. I thought that Builder took link styles from the theme CSS?

How can I change the link color to blue in Builder if it isn’t pulling it from CSS like it should be?

Hi @ElManorAve, can you share a link to a Builder entry where your site’s CSS is not being applied?

Sorry for the late reply. It’s basically every page or section we’ve designed with builder, but here’s a link to one of them: Builder: Content page In the first section, I’ve added a link to the word “menswear” in the second paragraph. It should show as blue, but it shows as black, as if there’s no link there at all. I can add a color manually with Builder, but it never automatically applies my CSS.