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Builder/react SDK Did not expect server HTML to contain a <div> in <div>


I’m seeing this error in the Dev tools console and the content is not showing in the browser. Inside the Builder Visual Editor everything is looking good and I can see the page with the content loaded correctly.

I’m using Gatsby 2.32.0 and for the @builder dependency they are all updated to the last version.

Hi @anrodriguez , thanks for reporting, can you share more info on your setup and what kind of content you’re previewing ( draft, published, on a url, or just a section ), it’d be perfect if you have a reproduction in a code sandbox for us to look at and help diagnose the issue.

In general the warning you shared shouldn’t cause the page to not load, and I doubt it’s related to the issue of not being able to preview in the browser outside the editor, those are usually issues in how previewing and mounting builder content is handled.

I’m getting a similar error using React and Next. It doesn’t appear to effect the content of the page. Is this an error I can ignore?