Button to direct user to a section of landing page

Hi - how do I make it so that when a user clicks a button, it automatically moves them down the page to a section that I want?

For example, I created a hero banner with a button that says “bundle & save 20%”… when they click that button I want them to bypass parts of the page and go directly to the place they can press the “buy now” button.

I tried right clicking on the section I want to direct to in the layers tab, and clicking “copy link to block”… but when I test clicking the button after assigning it that link it actually opens builder

Hi @Paulo1300! You can follow the steps in this guide to add an anchor link to your page.

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thanks that worked! only thing that is outdated is the new UI calls that section “HTML attributes” now!

Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve updated the guide to reflect this change!