Unable Linking to content within the same page Like Anchor Links


I was unable to link my destination block to an element like Anchor Link. I tried by calling destination block ‘ID’ UseCase to an element using hash #UseCase in the particular element ‘LinkUrl’ section for what element i want perform like anchor link. But it did not work.

I was expecting is when i click on an element “a” it has to be scroll down or redirect to the Particular Destination Block Content “a”.

This is the documentation I followed

Builder content link

Builder public api key

What are you trying to accomplish
e.g. I want to integrate builder on a landing page

Screenshots or video link

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Hey @Gireesh Could you please toggle the “Open link in new tab” option? This ensures that when you click on the button, it correctly navigates you to the linked section in a new tab.

Hello @sheema Thank you you for your valuable time and Assistance,
I resolved that issue regarding linking content with in the same page. So, now i met with an new issue regarding call resting API. Previously i called an API that has no headers or any authentication by using API data section which was located in Data tab, and that’s working fine. My concern is how can i call a rest API which has more than 1 headers with in the builder.io.

Hey @Gireesh I would recommend you to check out out forum post to address this issue.