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Integrating Builder.IO edit on angular

Hello !

I can use Builder.io to show a page create from builder.io. When i go on “http://localhost:4200/builder_editing” i see a message : “Hello! If you can see me, you have integrated Builder.io correctly” (but disappear 1/2 seconde after).

My question is : how integrate builder.io editting on angular ?
I see the page : Enabling on-site previewing and editing in Builder.io | Builder.io but I want to see the builder from my site, and not the reverse (see my site on builder.io).

How can i do this ?

Thank’s a lot.


Hi there! When you visit the path of a specific page that you’ve published such as http://localhost:4200/ example path or click on the eye icon in the top right corner of the page and select “view live page”, are you able to see your content?


Thank you for your answer, but i don’t want to see my website on builder.io.

I want to see the builder on my website. It’s possible ? And how ?

Thank you,

Hi Rémi, if I’m understanding correctly, are you looking to embed Builder on your site?

Hello Kara,

Yes, I make an website, and an admin area, and I would to have Builder on this.
I would like to have builder, and already connected (not just a iframe who have to connect for use the site).

It’s possible for you ?

For enterprise users and custom partnerships, we do offer embedding the editor. You can read more about it here. If that’s something you’re interested in, I can certainly connect you with our sales team!


I’m interested for integrate builder.io on my own website (panel admin), can you connect me with your sales team for any news about this?

Hi @rpapin,

Feel free to reach out to us in our chat on https://www.builder.io/ and we can connect you with our sales team.