Couldn't preview my Site in visual builder using local host

I build some content in visual editor, so I wanted to preview that content in localhost. I have successfully run the localhost by following Documentation Integrating pages and I used Angular as my frame work. After connected my localhost to my builder pages the content in visual editor is not loading. And When I’m trying to preview my app or site by hosting the localhost it load the default HTML code in app.component.html.

Builder content link

Builder public api key

What are you trying to accomplish

  • I’d like to preview my webpage in the visual editor on localhost.

Screenshots or video link

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Reproducible code example
If you are having integration errors, please link to codesandbox or copy and paste your problematic code here. The more detail the better!

Hello @Gireesh,

Welcome to the forum!

Regarding the preview issue you’ve encountered, it’s possible that it’s related to the integration code. As a solution, we suggest checking out our GitHub example for Angular. This resource may provide insights and guidance to resolve the issue you’re facing.

Hello @manish-sharma ,

Thank you for the response!

As i was a fresher in coding I was a bit confused by the GitHub example provided in the forum. I tried modifying the integration code based on it, but I’m encountering some errors.
Would it be possible to connect for guiding me and for some clarifications?

Hello @Gireesh,

If you are using app-routing then the setup could be a little different, therefore, I’ve recorded a loom that you can view at the below link

Hope this helps!


Hello @manish-sharma

It Works! Thank you for your patience and assistance. I can confirm that the issue has been resolved.

Hello @manish-sharma,
I’m unable to fetch the data from an API service in my builder pages. so how can achieve that feature. My question is how can i call a service in builder pages and display the data in my content. I tried two ways to achieve that.

  1. By using the API data found in data section in particular element
  2. By creating a custom component

Both are not worked yet! can you help me with that?

Hello @Gireesh,

Could you please provide us with more context regarding the issue you’re facing? Specifically, how are you fetching the data? Are you encountering any error messages?

Additionally, if possible, sharing a Loom video or screenshots would greatly assist us in understanding the problem more clearly. This would enable us to provide you with a more accurate and helpful solution.

Hi, thanks for the your response its working fine now, data is displayed. So i want to display that in marquee style can you help me with that?

Hello @Gireesh,

Could you please provide more context regarding your requirement to display the data in marquee style? Any screenshots or screen recordings would be greatly appreciated. This will help us better understand your needs and provide you with the most appropriate solution.


Hi @manish-sharma ,
Please find the below attachment, can yo please help me how can achieve below animations within the builder’s visual editor.

  1. Continuous endless looping marquee animation.
  2. Changing content for every 3 sec.
  3. Loading number when page loads.

If it is not possible in builder’s editor tell me how can i achieve.


Hello @Gireesh,

While Builder does offer animation support for its components, considering your specific use case, I would suggest utilizing a third-party library for more advanced animation requirements. This approach will provide greater flexibility and customization options to meet your needs effectively.