Local host is running but builder shows "preview load error"

Hello everyone,
I am a complete beginner with coding. But Builder.io looks perfect for what I would like to build.
I have been following the steps from the documentation (Developer Quickstart for Getting Started with Builder - Builder.io) and made several attempts to get started. I tried to follow the Troubleshoot Guide (Enabling on-site previewing and editing in Builder.io - Builder.io), but I am still stuck.

I am trying to integrate Qwik with Builder, but here is the issue I’m facing, : Local host is running but builder shows “preview load error”.
I’m using windows/VS Code 1.81.1/Brave browser/Node.js v20.5.1
API key: cb3d9e3e363d45429c00308f728c7033

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you

Hey @Guillaume

Could you provide the Builder content link that are you referring to? Also what is the tech stack that you are using?

Hi @sheema, thanks for your questions, I have updated the post to try to answer them.

Thanks for the information provided.

I can you have enabled your Proxy Preview settings.
Turn off your Proxy Preview and test it out again. Hopefully your content should be up and working.

For further clarification please refer to this documentaion.

Thank you for the suggestion @sheema, unfortunately it doesn’t fix the issue.
I have looked at all these options so far, except “Making sure your headers are allowing Builder” which is a bit more advanced but I’ll give it a try.

I have also realized that I am getting a lot of errors when using the Builder page, maybe the solution is somewhere here:

Hey @Guillaume ,

Thank you for your question about Qwik! Unfortunately, this support channel is only intended for questions about the use of the Builder.io Visual Editor and its related plans and pricing.

However, Our Open source development team would love to help you take advantage of Qwik and Partytown to boost your site performance scores further and provide more value to your implementation with Builder.

To reach out to the Partytown and Qwik open source project teams, please head over to our Discord and join the discussion there.

I hope you find the information above helpful and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any further assistance.