Preview Load Error

Hi everyone, I just started to use and am following the Svelte quickstart guide. I am now trying to create a test page for my home page in Builder’s Visual Editor and am getting a Preview Load Error. The weird thing is that I can see my site with my navbar and footer in the iframe in the builder but I’m still getting the Preview Load Error. I’ve tried following the troubleshoot guide, but have had no luck so far. Not sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi @jrdorange,

I’m not sure what might have been causing the issue, so I started with a clean slate on my end to get it working. I’ve got pages successfully integrated and updated the code in the docs accordingly. Make sure you refresh to get the latest code:

  • Quickstart: the doc you mentioned.
  • Integrating Pages: same code as Quickstart but with more written instructions in case anyone else comes across this thread and could use the reference.

To make sure you’ve got the latest version of the doc, check if the paths include the catchall directory:


I also pushed up to GitHub. Here are the key files. If you clone this, just be sure to switch the API key.

I think the key issues were twofold in the docs — there needs to be a catchall and the code in the docs must have had an issue (I’m not sure what though, so I started anew) because it took both updates to fix it.

Thanks so much for your patience and raising this. Let me know if this helps!

(I work on the docs)

Thank you so much! This worked! Excited to start working with :slight_smile: