Links and Routing between pages

I’m having trouble finding the answer on this forum, stackoverflow, Google, and the documentation for But now that I’ve successfully created a Page in and am using it for a particular route in my Angular app, how do I handle links inside the content I built in that I intend to route to other pages I’ve built in Will the links still end up using the Angular Router client-side, in the user’s browser? Or am I going to have to create links that cause a full page refresh?

The use case is:

  • Landing Page built in
  • About Us page built in
  • { path: ‘’, component: LandingPageComponent }, { path: ‘about-us’, component: AboutUsComponent } are defined in the Angular routes
  • the urls for the pages in are ‘/’ and ‘/about-us’ respectively.
  • link to About Us page in the contents of the Landing Page

What does that link look like? Will I cause a full page refresh when a user clicks this link? To avoid this, would I have to completely avoid using links in the content built in