My Pages is loading and when clicking on link menus

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When I click on any links my site page does not reload. It should be dynamic content loading.

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Only Local build ATM

Hello @d2xworld,

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Could you please confirm which version of the Builder SDK for Vue you are using? For example:": "^1.0.32"

We have tested the links and they are working fine on our end, so we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. Since you are developing the project locally, we are unable to debug it directly. If you could share a screen recording or provide us with a minimal repository, it would greatly assist us in understanding the issue and offering a possible solution.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I’m using “”: “^1.0.31”
Correct the nav menu works fine. The main issue is that the when you click on the nav menu to about the page reloads to page. On a nuxt or reactjs site it loads the content dynamicly with out reloading the page to display content. Example : clicking on the nav it page does not reload. Is there a setting that I need to set so it can handle this?

Hello @d2xworld,

The navigation is loading pages fine. I hope the issue is resolved now, but if not, please let us know.


Hi @d2xworld, based on our conversation yesterday, we determined that this was caused by the built-in block “Link URL” feature rendering plain <a> anchor links, which naturally trigger full-page reloads when clicked. In order for your SPA’s specific router to handle the links, using a Custom Component that renders your applications’ specific SPA Router Link component, with a URL input in the custom component definition was the recommended approach to ensure your SPA’s router handles links without triggering a full page load.

Hope that helps!