NextJS Link not Updating `BuilderContent`

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When using the NextJS Link component with the pages router, I want the BuilderContent component to update appropriately. Currently, it does not update when I change within the same page; i.e. I go from /blog/post-1 to /blog/post-2 and getStaticParams returns correctly the data for post-2 but BuilderContent keeps the content from post-1.

If I hard refresh the page, it returns the correct data populated from getStaticProps but with the SPA routing once the NextJS app loads, its not.

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I left some comments using the post example above and where data is returned correctly and incorrectly.

  console.log('article', article); // This is logging correct data, i.e. `post-2` data

  return (
    // Wrapping the structured data in BuilderContent allows
    // it to update in real time as your custom fields are edited in the
    // Visual Editor
        options: {
          includeRefs: true,
          includeUnpublished: true,
        enrich: true,
        // userAttributes: {
        //   urlPath: `/blog-v2/${article.slug}`,
        // },
        query: {
          data: {
            slug: router.query.slug,
      {(resolvedData, loading, fullData) => {
        if (loading) return;
        // console.log('fullData', fullData);
        // console.log('resolvedData', resolvedData);
        // console.log('isPreviewing', isPreviewing);
        const data = resolvedData;
        console.log('data', data, fullData); // This is logging old data i.e. post-1 data

As a work around, for now I have been using the inline prop to overwrite when not previewing:


Hi @kacey ,

Since you’re using enrich:true I would recommend not using includeRefs entirely. Please make this adjustment and check if it resolves the issue you are facing.