Cache-Control response header not change after use cacheSeconds property in the

I have the problem with Cache-Control response header.

I use the and i try to fetch builder content by the builder.getAll method.

I set cacheSeconds property to 10, but when the response is incoming the Cache-Control was setting with following property:

But when I set the cacheSeconds property by value greater than 60 the Cache-Control header was changing and max-age ans s-maxage properties have the provide cacheSeconds property value.

Can you have any idea how to use cacheSeconds property with value less than 60?

Hello @wojciech.kusmierczyk,

Thank you for flagging this issue. We’ve escalated it to our team for investigation, and we’ll keep you updated on any progress we make.


@manish-sharma what is the status of this issue?

Hello @wojciech.kusmierczyk,

We are still investigating this issue. Rest assured, I will keep you updated with any progress made.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

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