Builder Component caching issue

I created a lot of symbols included on pages that are based on custom targeting rules and I noticed that when I edit any field on one of them, publish the symbol, after that, the changes are not showing on the preview editor of the page (even after reloading), the change takes about 1 -3 minutes to show on the preview, strangely enough if I put the parameter inlineContent={true} on the <BuilderComponent /> the content is aways updated, but any preview editor changes are broken on the ui

I suspect the issue is occurring because of the cache since on the builder.get call that I have , I have to explicitly declared caching properties like so:

    const content = await builder
      .get('page', {
        userAttributes: {
        cachebust: true,
        options: {

but it seems the caching options are only taking into account when inlineContent={true} property is set, I’ve also tried to change the option on <BuilderComponent /> like so:

        options={{ cachebust: true }}

but the component still do not update.

Code stack I’m integrating Builder with:
NextJS, react

I him having the same issues with the navbar I just contacted support right now I think it’s an issue with the CMS that we might have to wait because all my components keep on disappearing and when I reload and refresh nothing happens.