Builder Editor not sving changes

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I am trying to edit my page using the editor. My text changes are saved in the edit window but do not show up in the preview even after i publish them.

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On the builder - i have implemented only the basic nextJs (app routing) example. My changes on the builder seem to save on the editor across page refreshes. but i dont see my changes in the preview or on my page (localhost:3000/home)

Hi @AeroExperience,

Welcome to the forum. uses stale-while-revalidate caching at the CDN level. This means Builder always serves from edge cache and updates caches in the background for maximum possible performance.

In this way, the more frequently content is requested, the fresher it is. The longest Builder holds something in stale cache is one day by default, but you can set this to be shorter if needed. We suggest keeping this high unless you have content that must change rapidly and gets very little traffic.

Using the React:

// replace model with your model name
builder.get('model', {
  staleCacheSeconds: 86400

If you try setting staleCacheSeconds: 1, you will see the changes reflected immediately in the preview mode.

So while debugging this I realized if i don’t set me preview url in the model the builder works as expected. So i it maybe an issue in the model configuration. Whenever i have the preview url enabled in the page model I start to see failures.

Hi @AeroExperience,

Could you confirm which "" version are you using?