Can I use Devtools with SDK Gen 2?

My Next.js project was initialized with SDK Gen 1 and Devtools. I was just migrated to SDK Gen 2 ( and I cannot find anywhere mentioning if Devtools can be used with SDK Gen 2.
After migration, the Builder logo and Devtools drawer no longer show on pages with imported, but on very rare occasion the Devtools would show up until I refresh the page. So in order to use Devtools I have to create a page in my project which does not import but even then registering components still using builder-registry.ts just like SDK Gen 1.
Registering components with SDK Gen 2 become more complicated since we have to do it manually. I can save some time by registering from Devtools and copy the options passed to Builder.registerComponent() in builder-registry.ts to my new SDK Gen 2 registry. So I must assume Devtools not working at all with SDK Gen 2. If this is the case then I want to know if Builder have planned Devtools support for Gen 2 or not? If yes then how long do I have to wait until then?


Currently, the Devtools are primarily designed for use with SDK Gen 1, and for Gen 2 SDK, they are only supported with Qwik and Remix. If you have migrated to SDK Gen 2 (, this lack of full support explains why you are experiencing issues with the Builder logo and Devtools drawer not appearing consistently.

Our team is continuously working on updates and improvements, and Devtools support for SDK Gen 2 could be added in the future. However, we do not have a specific timeline for this enhancement.

So I can confidently expect to see Devtools support for SDK Gen 2 or something equivalent in the future, right? If not I must consider revert back to Gen 1.


Yes, you can certainly expect the dev-tools support for all gen 2 SDK soon.


thank you very much for your helpful info, now I can work with gen 2 with confident