Can we have a builder component inside custom component?

Here is the scenario I’m trying to achieve:

  • I have a list of columns
  • Each column has either a text or a custom styled component
  • For the text, I have used a simple custom field of type string
  • For the other option, I need to use templates or any combination of components present which we can drag and drop. For this, there should be a placeholder ‘Add Block’ like we get for section model.

For my Builder.registerComponent , in the html I have included builder component as shown in Edit existing pages with custom sections in - But it does not show when added in a custom component.

Could you please help me with this scenario?

Hi @olivela, it seems like you might want to use a symbol instead. You can see how to add a symbol with a block input type here: Symbols with blocks -

This forum post also has a great walk through for how to add dynamic editing regions to custom components: