How to add multiple react custom components within another custom component

I have a custom react component with two columns, I want to drag different custom component to these columns
e.g. on left column I may drag a custom component X and on right I would like to drag a custom component Y. I tried withChildren but then I am able to add only one children per component. Can I get some help on how this can be achieved.

Looks like, this is somewhat similar to what I need builder/Columns.tsx at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub

Hey @pradeep can you share a page with your custom component where you were only able to add a single child?

As you mentioned, if the only purpose of this custom component is as a column, it might be easier and more flexible to use our Builder-provided Column element. You can see more on using the Column element here: Using Columns to Build Responsively -

I think this should answer your question @pradeep

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yes, this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks @aziz