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Cannot query field "allBuilderModels" on type "Query"

Hello, we are having a problem with querying the Graphql API in our website. I’m pretty sure we are querying in the same exact way as yesterday, but we are having this error. Even our development process blocked. Is there any problem with the Graphql API?

error There was an error in your GraphQL query:
Cannot query field “allBuilderModels” on type “Query”.

Thanks for reporting @mehmetkose, if this is a persistent issue, please send your API key to investigate further.

We are realized that one of our content team has created a component model starting with numbers like “89 Something” so I think that cause some errors so that’s why GraphQL API was responding 500. Maybe better builder.io not allow people to create model names that not matching with that regex in the first place

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We couldn’t see the error on the console but when we check on graphql explorer, we saw that error was related with a model name.