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How to setup Gatsby with Builder.io (Newbie)

Hi, I like the concept of builder.io. I am new to Gatsby and learning it. With the help of this page https://github.com/BuilderIO/gatsby-starter-builder

I installed the starter, then copies the public api code and changed in config page.

Now while “Gatsby develop “ it shows me error. I did created pages in builder.io name LandingPage but there is lots of error.

Could you help what would be next step for me?

There was an error in your GraphQL query:
Cannot query field “landingPage” on type “builder”.
Cannot read property ‘allBuilderModels’ of undefined
Cannot query field “header” on type “builder”.

Hi @Premasis, I’ve seen this issue happen before on a fresh clone, to fix it:

  • make sure you have a model named ‘Landing Page’, ‘Header’, … in your builder organization
  • If so, stop the development server then run in the cli:
    gatsby clean
    gatsby develop

Thank you @aziz I will try and let you know.