Followed docs for getting started...not working...what am I missing?

Builder content link:

(which shows the gatsby starter site)

Builder public api key: c95b26096fd44ae3b5741d46bca3fff6

What are you trying to accomplish:
I want to integrate builder on a landing page. So far…

  • The gatsby landing page shows up at http://localhost:8000
  • The content page loads - yay! Displays the blank page with a box, and I can insert stuff into it. So far so good…
  • I then hit ‘preview’, which tells me to look at http://localhost:8000/test-page (which is the name I gave it), but that page is completely blank, as if there’s nothing happening at the far end…

Code stack you are integrating Builder with Gatsby example from the integrating builder pages doc.

Reproducible code example: ?? Not sure how to help with this.

I don’t think this is an integration error, but maybe it is?

Hi @Oliver !

Gatsby is somehwat unique in that it does not have run a local server, and as a result it is difficult to get real time changes to display on your app. Any time you make a change and want to show it on your deployed site, you would need to re-run your gatsby build to generate your static pages.

Some users have used this flow: Avoid having to stop and start GatsbyJS development server to get changes from

To set up a webhook and re-deploy automatically after each publish event. Try that out and see if that works for you!

You can find more documentation here as well: