Cannot see the carousal module in left hand side insert components section

Cannot see the carousal module on the left hand side insert components section.

Hello @Apurva,

If you are working within the Demo Editor, some of the more advanced visual editing tools like the Layout tab may not be available in the Demo SDK. If you’d like to try the Layout tab and other tools, please watch the following video to create a new page and navigate to the Fallback Editor:

Please let me know if you are still unable to see the Layout tool after accessing the Fallback Editor.

Hi Julius,

I tried to create a new page, however it does show me any option to navigate to the fallback editor.

Also, when i try to include a carousal using the import options → carousal. It just shows a empty section.

Hi @Apurva

Which environment are you currently using the Builder editor? Perhaps I incorrectly assumed you were working in the Builder demo. If you are integrating Builder into an existing project, can you try installing the Builder widgets library by running the following command:
npm install

Hello @Apurva

I just wanted to follow up with you and confirm if you are now able to access the Builder carousel in the layouts tab?

If you are still unable to, would you please provide me with the Tech Stack and Version so that we can work towards a solution.

Hello @Apurva

I have not heard back from you on this. I also want to include that if you are running this locally to include the following line in your code base:

import '';

Carousel fails to load on my menu. see pic.