Cant change the page title

Hello! While developing my website, i made multiple home pages with different titles. But after arciving the old ones, and changing the title of my page from home3 to home, it still says home3 in the browser. I have no idea on how to fix this, and have spent hours in the visual editor trying to figure how to change the title of the page. Does anybody know how to do this?

Builder public key: 0a49cc9c194945cbadb8752521cd96d5

Hello @magnus4111,

Could you kindly provide the live page link for testing?

Additionally, I’ve noticed that the Jotunheimen E-Sport Model modal lacks a ‘title’ field. Adding a custom ‘title’ field with the value ‘home’ might help resolve this issue, as Builder typically uses the ‘title’ page field for the page title by default.

Of course!

This is how it looks for me

I tried to add the field now!

Will give an update soon!

Thank you! Do let us know if still not resolved.