How do I change my homepage for a hydrogen project It seems like I can only change pages on /builder/pages

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*How would I be able to edit the homepage of my website with hydrogen on the GitHub - BuilderIO/builder-shopify-hydrogen: Visual CMS + page builder example with Shopify Hydrogen, the github only allows me to create pages within the /builder file how would I edit the home (index.html) or even unable to create a page file (about us) on the file outside of builder? would I need to do an extra step or add a js script to that please help. *

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) for that sort of thing

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Hi @hitpixel,

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For editing your homepage integrate landing pages and use the same code for your homepage. In this way, just choosing / as a page’s URL makes it show on the homepage.

Alternatively, you can make a dedicated section model for your homepage. This is preferable if you make many variations of your homepage.

You can find step-wise guide at our doc Integrate visual editing of your homepage