Changing Page URL

When I try to change my page url from /parent-form to /creator-directory I am getting the error below.

Hi @hlopez , What is the tech stack of your app? This usually means that there is an issue with the routing / 404 handling within your app. Are you using pre-defined routes or dynamic routes for your pages?

For example, in our NextJS Starter you can see in our [[pages]].tsx file we have logic to account for the dynamic path, as well as if no page is available

Hope that helps!

We’re using pre-defined routes & dynamic routes for our pages. We are using NextJS

I’m still having the above issue, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

@hlopez can you share any code snippets of how you are handling path and routing for your page models, similar to the links I have included above? If we can see your implementation it will be easier to debug.

We’re having this issue in the pa

This is what’s in our [[…page]].js

This is our url in builder, when we change the url I get the original image I posted in this chat.

@hlopez what about for your getStaticProps and getStaticPaths methods?

getStaticProps example

getStaticPaths example

I would try to match this example repo as closely as possible and see if that helps