Dynamic url preview not working

I’m having issues with the Dynamic URL preview; it stopped working a few days ago without any apparent changes to our models/ code.

Builder public api key

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Preview new pages on builder editor

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On the model settings Dynamic Preview URL:
this shows as undefined on the editor preview URL session:
return https://www.pie.tax/${content.data.url}

this shows the URL but page still 404 (this is what I had and what was working before):
return https://www.pie.tax${targeting.urlPath || '_'}

Hello @chrischris,

Using ${content.data.url} will not work because there is no URL field in your page model content. They should be using https://www.pie.tax${targeting.urlPath || '_'}

If it’s returning 404, then kindly check the integration code and publish the content page first.

@manish-sharma how do I use the Page Url field?

Hello @chrischris,

The default page URL path you can retrieve using {targeting.urlPath}. If you can share the integration code for the pible-page-article would help us understand your implementation and further assist you.

Thank you,

@manish-sharma that’s what we’re currently using and doesnt load, this happens on new pages, old ones are loading ok:
return https://www.pie.tax${targeting.urlPath || '_'}

implementation file:

const PibleArticle: FC<InferGetStaticPropsType<typeof getStaticProps>> = ({ article, urlPath }) => {
  return (
      <Navbar />

      <BuilderContent content={article} model="pible-page-article">
        {(data, _loading, fullContent) => (

            <BuilderComponent model="pible-page-article" content={fullContent} options={{ includeRefs: true }} />
      <Spacer size="large" />
        <StoresButtonsFooter />

export const getStaticProps = async ({ params: { slug } }: GetStaticPropsContext & { params: { slug?: string } }) => {
  const urlPath = '/tax-pible/' + slug;
  const article = await BuilderAPI.getArticle(urlPath);

  return {
    props: {
      article: article,
      urlPath: urlPath,
    notFound: !article,
    revalidate: 60,

export const getStaticPaths: GetStaticPaths = async () => {
  const articles =
    (await builder.getAll('pible-page-article', {
      fields: 'data.url',
      options: { noTargeting: true },
    })) ?? [];

  return { paths: articles.map(({ data }) => data?.url), fallback: true };

export default PibleArticle;

Hello @chrischris,

It seems that you have managed to resolve the issue. Please let us know if not.