Section model with preview URL working but with regular does not?


I have nextjs application with integrate

In the builder io i have created a section data model called recources for which i am setting the preview url dynamically like this:

And as seen in the screenshot i have two fields that are passed through the section model fields - type and slug.

then i my next js app i have the following folder structure.


Where [resource] is the type and the [slug].tsx is the slug.

this is the content of [slug].tsx file

and this this all works find in the editor, i am able to open and edit a section data model (page) in the

With the view current draft works as well.

BUT as soon as i try to open it this on a http://localhost:3000/white-paper/blog i get 404.

And the problem is that it goes inside [resource]/[slug].tsx file but the builder.get(...) returns null.

So why does inside the builder io editor everything works but otherwise it does not…

I have set the API Key, so this could not be the case…

Found what was wrong, will write later.

I was formatting the data.type for example White paper to white-paper before pass that as a dynamic part of the url.

So in my next.js the params.resource was equal to white-paper but the data.type was not formatted and was equal to White paper.

Hence, this get request kept returning null, cuz of the query not matching the two - unformatted and formatted texts.

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