Components auto re-register from Figma when disabled

When mapping a Figma element to a component it generates types for other components automatically that has been unregistered

e.g. I used to have a button with props: children, color, and icon. I no longer want icon
I also have a Input component, that i no longer want

When mapping Figma element Button to Button component the generated code looks like this:

// Customize this to map Figma properties and layers to your React props
function Mapper(figma: FigmaButtonProps) {
  return (
      icon={figma.startIcon ? figma.startIconType : undefined} // this should not been generated

And the builder.registry.ts goes from this:

Builder.registerComponent(withChildren(Button), {
  name: "Button",
  inputs: [
      name: "children",
      type: "string",
      hideFromUI: true,
      meta: {
        ts: "ReactNode",
      name: "color",
      type: "string",
      enum: ["default", "primary", "secondary", "success", "warning", "danger"],

to this:

// {above code here}

Builder.registerComponent(Input, {
  name: "Input",
  input: [...]

It looks like some sort of catch problem, but i don’t find any place to clear it

I also notice when going to localhost and opening the builder devtool → components → registered component → button → I still see the icon prop (disabled), even when this is removed from the builder.registry.ts file

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
Nextjs, Nextui, React, Figma

Hello @joanord97pp,

Could you kindly confirm if this is still an issue?