Components not rendering on View Live Page or View Current Draft - Angular Integration

Hi! We have used an existing Angular Application with components and integrated them into Builder. The component has gotten registered as it appears in the Components tab on the side panel. We can also drag and drop the custom angular component onto the editor.

After drag and drop, the components are visible in the editor, but on publishing the page, the components do not render on View Live Page or the View Current Draft. On inspecting the page, we are able to see the builder cdn link in the page source. The link is able to provide the components whcih render inside the Iframe of the builder editor but it doesnt render on the live page as well as the preview.
On opening the console, Error 401 pops up regarding some authorization issues with the Builder CDN. I am not able to check the exact error statement right now.

Could you guide us on how to resolve the issue?
Unfortunately I am not allowed to share the code. Please let us know if you need any more information.
Would really appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Sushaanth , can you share more details or a screenshot of the 401 error? You can also try clearing your cookies or opening the page in incognito mode to see if that helps with the auth error. If your site is deployed somewhere and not running on localhost, a link to the page where I can reproduce the error would also be useful. Thanks!

Hi @ancheetah , apologies for the very late reply. I was able to access and procure the screenshot only recently.

I have attached the screenshot below:

Unfortunately I am not allowed to share the code.
Thank you.

Hi @Sushaanth2, unfortunately without a link or reproduction code it’s difficult to investigate and offer any advice. It’s not clear wether the 401 error is related to your components but it may imply that authorization of some sort (like API key) is missing, or that Builder is integrated incorrectly. If it helps you can send me a private message with your code/link.


Hi @ancheetah, I used another account with that account’s public API key and it worked. I did not make any changes in the code except for the public API key. Is there a possibility of my public API key having any issue?

In the original space, your content entries are on localhost. Make sure when you preview or look at the live page it matches the localhost server you’re testing the component on. You can also try clearing the Angular cache in addition to the incognito suggestion above to see if it fixes the problem.