'Connect Data' with Contentful only works for 'master' environment

I want to connect the visual builder to Contentful CMS. This works fine if I’m using an API key that links to the ‘master’ environment in Contentful. However, I want to use a separate environment in Contentful for my builder.io content. Problem is, when I link the API key including both ‘master’ and my ‘builder’ environment, only the ‘master’ content entries are available. And if I make an API key that only has access to ‘builder’ environment, the data connection never succeeds (just endless loading icon).

Is there a way to specify which Contentful environment to connect to when using the visual editor’s ‘Connect Data’ feature?

Welcome to the Forum community, @darthmallcop !

You are right, the connection with contentful is linked to master only. We are checking this internally if there can be a alternate solution. However, I would recommend you share your idea on Builder.io Ideas.

Hi @darthmallcop ,

Awesome news, our team has rolled out an option to add your environment now, it will be out soon! Latest by tomorrow.