Content Api Version 3 related Query

Hi Builder Team,

I have facing some issue with the content api version 3 i.e. I will not able to fetch the data from the API when I am making the model non public readable. It is intimating in result as sometimes I get the result and sometimes I get unauthorized 401 error. But when I used version 2 of content API then it will work fine all the time.

NOTE: I’m using the cacheSeconds=0 as the query in the url of the api

Ankit Rastogi

Hello @Ankit,

Would you be able to share your private model query and screenshots?

Hi Manish,

I uploaded screenshots of two models in which one is working with the version 3 API and one is not working with the version 3 API.

Ankit Rastogi

Hello @Ankit ,

We were able to verify that this could be a potential bug in the content API V3, and we are escalating it internally to our engineering team for further investigation. If you could also share your API calls for both models would be much appreciated and helps us address this issue quickly. Thank you!

We’ve also been experiencing this issue with the Private API v3. Any updates on this issue? @manish-sharma

Hello @truecolin, @Ankit,

This issue of querying private models through Content API V3 has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please inform us. Thank you!