Create SQL Database within

In wordpress I can create SQL databases. Is it possible I can do the same in using it’s server frameworks like qwikJS by an ORM

Hi @rchavez, Welcome to Forum!

Just to clarify, Builder is a Visual CMS. It connects to your existing site or application and enables anyone on your team to create, manage, and publish high-performing, enterprise-scale digital experiences without constantly relying on developers. Building Content features the Builder Visual Editor, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor where you can quickly build pages, sections, and leverage your data.

For more clarity check this out:- Key Concepts in Builder and how the builder works- Technical Overview.

Hence, You can consider the builder as a layer on top of your frontend tech stack, the difference is it allows you to visually compose your UI elements. You can call your own backend API to dynamically fetch the data whether in preview mode or live. We do not recommend creating a database in the builder editor, though you can store some amount of data with Builder through its Data models. For example, you can use the Content API explorer and querying cheatsheet to see what kind of MongoDB-style queries you can make.

Hope this answers your question, feel free to reach out if you have further questions or concerns!