Custom Breakpoints not retro-compatible

Hey there !

When I change the breakpoint values, and I come back to my page, there is an odd issue.
But first, I confirm that I re-published my page, even unpublish/publish again to be sure.

I already have set some breakpoint rules on tablet, and I changed my tablet layout to go up to 1600px.
But when i set the viewport to a point between 1600px and 992px (the default tablet max-witdth), the rules are still from the desktop view. And when I change a style, it is still applied to the desktop view, instead of the tablet view.

Could you explain me please what I did wrong ?

Thanks in advance

Hello Maximemd,

Could you please share your space ID and content Id where you are seeing this issue. Would love to have a look.


Hi @maximemd,

We really appreciate you letting us know about this issue, our engineering team is working on a fix for this and you can expect this to be resolved by tonight.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Hey there, this is still not fixed.

I don’t know my Space Id, but my public key : c45dee9d94c44167bca4500f83dd22fe

an example in this contentId: 68698ac8291c4112be5ec3510b666a43

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks @maximemd ,

Thankyou for sharing the details. We acknowledge the issue you are facing and we are actively working to resolve it.

Would it be okay if we “duplicate” the content entry in your space? We want to try things out but don’t want to affect your active content entry. (we could name new entry as “test-accueil”). Kindly confirm pls if okay.


Hi there,

No problem you can duplicate the entry !

Hi @maximemd,

Thanks for your response. We will get back to you with an update. Thank you!