Page/Entry-specific custom breakpoints

Custom breakpoints are currently a space/environment setting that applies to all content entries. This presents a problem for us for two reasons:

  1. This means that if we are going to change them, then we need to go back and update all existing content, which is hundreds of pages for us.

  2. We often need to build pages that have designs which require different breakpoints from other pages. One page may need a breakpoint at 768px and 1024px, while another may need breakpoints at 600px and 1280px. Additionally, we often need more than 3 breakpoints.

What would be wonderful is the ability to add custom breakpoints on a page/entry specific basis and to be able to add more than 3 breakpoints. :slight_smile:

Hi @mike.lambert, I understand your concern and encourage you to submit this as a feature request here