Custom Colors in color picker and design tokens

Is there a way of loading global colours into the colour picker? Ideally where design tokens can be passed into a project space to set global tokens for the project space?

Hi Karl!

Regarding a color picker with swatches / global options, this is a great feature request and a huge design time-saver!

For design tokens, we are currently beta testing some related technologies that will allow us to make that possible. In the meantime, Korey’s post How do I use my site's css and classes on elements in Builder pages? and some clever use of templates and symbols are currently the best way to create/maintain styles throughout your project.

Hi there! Following up on this. Thanks for the feedback our team really appreciates it. Ive added your request to our new customer feedback board here Custom colors in color picker, design tokens | Ideas

Please give it a vote! And if you think of anything else that could make our platform better, please submit them as Builder Ideas. Thank you!