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How do I use my site's css and classes on elements in Builder pages?

Since Builder elements and pages are integrated directly onto your website or store, all the styles (css) that you already have can be applied to Builder elements. This can be helpful when you are trying to re-use styles, or get specific designs working on your site without having to rebuild everything from scratch.

Note: we recommend using Builder’s built-in styling tools in conjunction with templates and symbols to reuse styles across your content, but the following steps to utilize classes can be helpful in some situations. For example when trying to match an existing site’s style in a specific way.

To use styling from your site, you can apply classes to Builder elements just like how you would apply classes to html you write yourself. To do that, click on an element in the Builder editor. Then, click on the STYLE tab:

Next, scroll to the bottom of that tab. you should see a section under advanced called CSS-classes:

Add any classes you would like applied to the element in this input, and then when Builder renders the element on your site it will apply those classes, which will in turn make it so the styles associated with that class in your css file will be applied.