Design handoff to client

Hi! I’m a designer working on a landing page for my client using the Figma plugin. How can I hand over the final design to my client so they can have full access? Is there a collaboration feature? Is there a ‘remix link’ option like Framer? Or does my client have to create an account and share the login details with me so I can design it directly on their account?

To hand your project to an client first, you need to follow this step:

Hope I have explained to the best of my abilities that this will help you:

Development and Hosting:
- Transition to the development phase by hosting the project on GitHub the company that you work with will mange the GitHub Repo. This facilitates collaboration and version control during the development process.
- For the hosting of the production-ready website, use and, a reliable hosting platform that ensures the website is accessible to users.

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You can have multiple users in the builder space so you can add your clients to the space for full access in case of collaboration. For more details, please check Managing Users -

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