Did builder disabled their `View Current Draft` feature?

I just want to know if Builder disabled the feature View Current Draft and what is the reason for it. Thanks!

Hi @manuel, Hope you’re doing well!

We changed our preview functionality to close a potential backdoor that allowed some malicious actors to set up spam/phishing applications within Builder. What this means is that we have deprecated the use of preview for Builder content that points to *.builder.live and *.builder.codesURLs.You can see what preview URL your content points to in the upper right-hand side of the visual editor (see attached image).


You can still edit and preview content in the Visual Editor, but you won’t be able to view the draft until your Builder space is integrated properly with your site or app. For more information on how to integrate with your site, please check the documentation below:

Hope this makes sense, let us know if you have further questions!

Hi Garima,

Do you have plans to restore this feature in a secure way in the near future?

Without this feature, it is hard to continue selling your product to our clients.

Hey @manuel, I understand your concern but as mentioned it’s not disabled entirely. It’s perfectly working when integrated properly with your site or app which would make more sense in use.