Reset Preview URL

I set the preview link to something else, but now I want it to go back to Builder’s default one. But I don’t see a button for this. How do I reset the preview URL to the original one?

Hi @Kennedy and thanks for making a Builder forum account!

We have phased out our Builder-hosting URLs and encourage you to integrate Builder with your site or app. This can help you get a 1:1 previewing/editing experience with your live application.

If needed, I can take a look at your account and grab you the old Builder-hosted preview URL. Please head over to and copy your Public API key. Reply here and I’ll send you a private message of the old URL.

Logan from

Yes, please! Getting the builder-hosted preview URL would be amazing. We mostly just need it temporarily to show the client. My public API key is: 81e0289adde0489aaf8a009fad89ce50

Thank you!!

Hey @Kennedy,

I sent you a private message with the old URL :pray: