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My Site Stopped Working!

Builder content link
Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS

Builder public api key

What are you trying to accomplish
Trying to create template site for a thing I’m developing

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I changed my URL and now my website doesn’t load!

@joecooldoo When I navigate to the URL you set for the preview page I also get a blank or dead page. Is that a valid, live site? If you delete the URL you will be given the option to revert to the fallback provided by Builder

When I do this, the page seems to be working fine.

I meant the URL that you can find in the Account area of the dashboard.

When I open the link, I get this:

@joecooldoo The URL in the image you provided (https://snapjr) doesn’t appear to be a valid URL. There should have been a placeholder URL there when you signed up, which you can either use or replace with your site URL to connect to your site. In order for it to work, you will need to put in a valid URL of a page or site that is connected to Builder.

If you do not have a working site at the moment, you can use the steps outlined in my previous post above to at least set up a preview URL for creating and editing pages.

You can find more about connecting Builder to your active site with this page: Enabling on-site previewing and editing in Builder.io - Builder.io

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you, but how would I change the name that comes with it? I want to change the bold part:

@joecooldoo These are randomly generated by our hosting service for limited use within your Builder environment and not really customizable. It is meant more as a starter example as you get your Builder account up and running. If you want to create a custom URL then you would need to set up your own web domain with a hosting service, something like GoDaddy or Shopify. Once you have a domain and website, then you can plug that it into Builder to start building landing pages, custom components etc. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t offer web hosting services…but there are plenty of great options out there that should be able to get you set up quickly!

Once you have a site set up we are happy to help with any issues on your Builder integration; please let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

Thanks! I’ll probably use Replit in that case.

When I try to use the dynamic code (React) in my app it’s just a blank screen. I am using replit. And when I use the Static code, for some reason you have to scroll left and right to see other content of the site (HTML).

@joecooldoo I am sorry to hear that…It is difficult to diagnose code problems without seeing the code you have implemented…is it possible you could share a repo or stackblitz with your code showing the issue I could take a look and try to diagnose.

If you are using nextJs / React, I highly recommend following this tutorial to get your pages set up! Setting up visual drag-and-drop page building with Next.js

What I ended up doing was embedding the page fullscreen to my site, and that seemed to work.