Diverse Dropdown Design in Builder Component: Exploring Styling Options and Customization with Various Props

Are there various methods to design a dropdown within your Builder Component? For instance, I currently have a dropdown in my Navbar, but clients wish to customize it within the Builder Component. Is it possible to create a dropdown with diverse styling options using different props to showcase various dropdown styles?

Hey @xbrandonpowell you can create a dropdown menu and customise it as well. Please head over to our docs Making a dropdown menu in Builder.io - Builder.io.
Hope this helps.

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I would like to discuss the possibility of constructing a dynamic dropdown within the builder component, rather than using a pre-made one.

My goal is to create various components within a single prop, allowing users to choose the specific component they want. Specifically, I’m referring to implementing a dropdown component for the website, specifically within the register component.

Hope this was clear

@sheema This is an idea I designed to show you what talking about:

Hey @xbrandonpowell this is something that you would have to work on with your developer. There are a few ways you can create a dropdown menu and you can use dynamic data binding to make it work according to your design.

These forum post might be useful for you
How do I build a custom interactive dropdown? Binding to a dropdown template.

I’m the developer and designer my friend that why I asking can you do this in the builder.