Does Builder support Chat Rooms?

Hi all - I want to add a chat room on my page. I want chats from customers, customer support colleagues and computer generated chats to appear. Is there anything that is already integrated/easy to add?

Cheers, Richard

Hi @Richard_at_the_pools!

This will depend a little on your existing tech stack, but you can certainly add the integration code for a third-party chat widget to your project. We’d recommend choosing which platform you’d like to use (Intercom, Zendesk, Zoho, etc) and reviewing their integration documentation. If you need further assistance from the Builder team, please let us know more about your tech stack and the chat platform you select!

~Logan from

thanks - my take out from this is there isn’t something that is already integrated.

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Yeah, that’s right! Feel free to let me know what platform you choose so we can gauge interest in creating an integration for it!:v: