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Domain connect not working

I am having a connection with the custom domain feature. I followed these steps:

and waited more than several hours for the DNS records to propagate. Records have been validated but whenever I go to our domain, it does not load. Please advise.


I also did a DNS lookup and found the following error message:
DNS query for boa-official-amethyst.builder.live returned an error from the server: Refused

Hi @jarett , thanks for reporting, I noticed the underlying distribution was disabled by our provider (aws), still investigating the reason for this, but your domain should be working now.

Looked into the logs and this seemed to be caused by a delete domain request by the user that was partially successful (it disabled the distribution but didn’t remove the record), we will further proof the UI for this, thanks again for reporting the issue.

Thanks so much for looking into this, Aziz!
I appreciate your help!

  • Jarett