Duplicated draft content with the same URL path as live content overwrites the live content without publishing

One of our users duplicated a live page, edited the contents of the draft/duplicated version (keeping the url the same) DIDN’T hit publish, but the changes they made in the draft appeared on the live site.

If this is intended behaviour then it seems extremely risky, surely there needs to be an obvious prompt to change the url of duplicated pages first before making changes or have a new one generated automatically before the user is allowed to edit the page? Nothing in the documentation or the editor states that draft content will override live content.

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Builder content link

Builder public api key

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
Duplicate the page but do not change the page url
Edit the content on the duplicated draft page, do not publish
Visit the live version of the page outside of builder.io
Edited, draft content appears on the live version of the page

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
NextJS, React

Hi @abrasumente Welcome to Builder.io Forum!

I agree this is not the expected behavior and we are not able to reproduce it internally. Is this the URL https://heatable.co.uk/new-boilers/worcester-bosch-boilers where the issue happened?

@abrasumente could you please also share the builder integration code?