Possible to publish multiple pages to the same URL

Builder content link
Page 1: Builder.io: Drag & Drop Headless CMS
Page 2: Builder.io: Drag & Drop Headless CMS

Builder public api key

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Create and publish a page at a route e.g., /page/test.
  2. Create and publish another page at that same route.
  3. Notice how Builder both allows this and doesn’t provide a mitigation strategy (not sure which page would be rendered at build time).

Since Builder obviously understands that users might want different content on the same path in their A/B testing feature, why do they allow the same route for multiple pages?

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
Next.js (ISR for preview, SSG for live sites) + SST + AWS

Hi @vrio_dave,

Builder lists your pages by priority in the content list. You may have several home page versions with the same URL, builder goes through the list of these home pages to determine which one should be displayed.

The order in the list dictates which version of the page is displayed. You can rearrange the page priorities by dragging them in the list. Then whichever home page you have on top will override the pages below it.

@manish-sharma Thanks for the response. That makes sense! This isn’t a bug but kind of a feature then.