Dynamic Detail pages from a dynamic list

I try to create dynamic detail pages.
I followed the example Connecting your API data to builder - Builder.io using the person data, all good. Now I added a link on the image Data tab > Element data bindings > Get “Link Url” from (“/person/” + state.resultsItem.login.username) resulting in e.g.


Now I created a Person detail page setting the page URL to /person/{username}/ , the preview URL went to http://localhost:3000/person/__builder_editing__ . The builder UI is showing me a page that I can edit. Problem is when I preview the URL I get a 404.
For the moment I just want to display any user (https://randomuser.me/api), in future I would like to retrieve the last segment of the URL path and query for a specific user.

It would be good to have a end to end to tutorial for this use case. In the moment I find the documentation quite frustrating.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

@manish-sharma Can you provide any insight here?

This feels like a very basic use case → make some items in your CMS, then make a page that lists them, then make a page that shows all the data in an individual item. For that to work the listing page would need to contain a repeated block with an element that links to the item details page. The lack of any clear responses about this sort of issue on any of the forum posts I’ve seen, not to mention the presence of a “Blog Article” blueprint but no “Blog” blueprint, leads me to believe this may not work in Builder. Despite being every other CMS’s primordial tutorial use case.

Could that be true?