Dynamic Preview Url's referencing domain name from the space

I have a section called ‘practices’ that i have created and following the default example I have set the preview url to be dynamic using the following logic:

return http://localhost:3000/practices/${content.data.name || '_'}

This works but when I want to deploy the site to another domain I need to update the domain name in multiple places. Ideally I would rather update the domain name of the site on the space settings and then reference that value here. Something like:

return ${space.siteUrl}/practices/${content.data.name || '_'}

I am sure this is possible but I need help figuring out the syntax. Please advise.

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Here is an example of using the space object in the Preview URL logic:

return `${space.siteUrl || 'http://localhost:3000'}/practices/${content.data.name || '_'}`

Detailed Steps

Step 1: Add the siteUrl in Space Settings

  1. Navigate to Space Settings:
  • In the Builder.io interface, go to the Settings for your space.
  1. Add or Verify Site URL:
  • Make sure there is a site URL setting, commonly named siteUrl. If it doesn’t exist, you might need to add a custom field or set it in space settings directly.

Step 2: Use the siteUrl in Preview URL Logic

  1. Edit the Preview URL Logic for Your Section:
    In the logic for your model’s preview URL, use the space setting:
// The default base URL
const defaultBaseUrl = 'http://localhost:3000';

// Use siteUrl from space settings or default to localhost
const baseUrl = space.siteUrl || defaultBaseUrl;

// Construct the full preview URL
return `${baseUrl}/practices/${content.data.name || '_'}`;
  1. Save and Test:
  • Save the settings and test your content preview. It should dynamically use the siteUrl defined in your space settings.

Let me know if this doesn’t help!